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The National Union of Workers is a registered Trade Union in Fiji. The Union complies with the provisions of the Privacy Act and internationally accepted standards of data protection and privacy.

The principal activities of the Union are:

  • Organising non-unionised workers into unions.
  • representing our members in workplace and industry-wide bargaining with employers and employer organisations;
  • representing our members before various industrial tribunals and courts on disputes and other matters relevant to their workplace issues;
  • facilitating our members to exercise their rights to collectively bargain
  • providing information, advice and assistance to members about their employment rights and obligations;
  • lobbying Government and other relevant bodies about matter of concern or importance to our members and their families in relation to their employment and working circumstances;
  • publicising to our members and to the community issues of concern to our members;
  • conducting research and related activities in order to establish the views of our members on particular issues;
  • providing members and their families with access to a range of services.

A complete copy of the Unions Constitution (which set out in more detail our objectives as well as our structure and governance) can be downloaded from our website (

The Union collects personal information from members, including their name, address, employer, and occupation, date of birth, main language spoken, gender, employment status, and contact details. In most cases this information is collected at the time a member joins the Union.

Some members when they complete a membership application authorise us to obtain personal information from their employer. Where such an authority is in operation we may contact your employer to ensure that our records are accurate and up to date. This policy also applies to any personal information about you that we collect or receive that is provided to us by any third party, such as your employer or the Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC).

We may also collect personal information from you through other means – for example – responding to a survey, filling in a meeting attendance sheet, participating in a union campaign or activity or taking part in a competition This information is collected in order for us to perform our functions including:

  • contacting members about matters relating to their membership of the Union;
  • facilitating the right of our members to participate in the democratic control of the Union;
  • allowing our members to participate in ballots conducted by the FTUC or other approved body for the purposes of determining whether or not to take protected industrial action;
  • ensuring that our activities are relevant to the needs of our members, including carrying out surveys and other research;

More detailed personal information may be collected by the Union when assisting members with individual problems or grievances. Some of this information may be of a sensitive nature and will only be information that relates to the Union activities and our ability to perform our functions. In handling this information, the Union:

  • is committed to the secure storage and control of access to personal information by its officers and employees;
  • endeavours to use all available means to ensure that the personal information we hold is accurate and up to date;
  • does not pass on personal information to third parties without the consent of the individual member, other than when required to do so by law;
  • ensures that members can view and obtain information held about them and may correct any inaccuracies;
  • ensures that members who do not wish to receive information by mail, email or other means may arrange to be removed from mailing lists, etc;
  • ensures that our officers and staff are trained and familiar with our obligations under the Privacy Act and this policy.

In providing personal information to the Union you consent to our use and disclosure of this information for the purpose of direct marketing which may include providing you with information about events, products or services which may be of interest to you. If you do not want the Union to use your personal information for direct marketing purposes, you may elect not to receive direct marketing information. You may request at any time that we cancel your consent by:

  • if subscribing to an email newsletter you may “unsubscribe”;
  • if receiving a text message, you may “opt out”;
  • contacting us directly by letter, email or phone call

The Union may disclose your personal information, in connection with our principal activities to:

  • the FTUC;
  • affiliated peak councils of employee organisations;
  • government bodies and agencies;
  • organisations to whom we outsource functions (including information technology providers, mail houses, print providers, etc
  • otherwise as you have consented; and/or
  • otherwise as required by law.

In the event that any of these organisations are located outside of Fiji, you expressly consent to us disclosing your personal information to those organisations. At the time of issuing this policy the Union is unaware that any of these organisations are located outside of Fiji. The Union takes reasonable steps to ensure that each of the above organisations are committed to protecting your privacy. The Union does not adopt as our own identifier a government related identifier (such as a tax identification number (TIN)) for the purpose of identifying you or interacting with you.

Personal information of former members is only held for the statutory periods under the relevant legislation and is then destroyed in a manner that prevents its retrieval.

Where you provide information to the Union in relation to applying for a job with us, the personal information you provide will only be collected, held, used and disclosed for the purpose of considering your potential employment with the Union. If you provide details of referees, you confirm that you have informed the referee that you are providing their contact information to the Union and that they have consented to being contacted by the Union and discussing the content of your application. In addition to the above the Union has a complimentary policy which governs privacy in relation to our website –

Enquires about this policy, requests to correct your personal information or complaints can be directed by email to:

Complaints should include details about the complaint and any supporting documentation. In dealing with your complaint the Union will:

  • treat your complaint seriously;
  • deal with your complaint promptly and confidentially
  • advise you of the outcome of the complaint.

The Union may require that you provide proof of your identity to access your personal information. We reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee where access is provided. You should contact the Union when your personal information changes as it is important that we keep your membership details up to date. You can do this by contacting the Union by letter, email or phone on (+679) 666 0746.

Date of Issue: 23rd March 2018