FTUC Youth Wing at the Fiji ILO/YEC Networking event

//FTUC Youth Wing at the Fiji ILO/YEC Networking event

FTUC Youth Wing at the Fiji ILO/YEC Networking event

Representing the FTUC Youth Committee were Bro. Rajnesh Lingam, Sis. Ajeshni Lal, Sis. Daveena Prasad, Sis. Latchmi Prasad, Ms. Nadita Kumar of the Fiji Teachers Union, Sis. Latileta Gaga, Bro Jolame Vosa of the National Union of Factory & Commercial Workers, Sis. Melia Vuki, National Union of Catering and Hospitality and Tourism Industries Employees, Sis. Luse Madigibuli, Fiji Maritime Workers Association and Sis. Moushmi Naicker, Fiji Trades Union Congress.

FTUC Youth Wing Representatives at the ILO/YEC Networking Event


Also present at the event were delegates from the International Labour Organization (ILO), Assistant Director-General and Regional Director, Ms Nishimoto Tomoko, Senior Specialist, Employer’s Activities (ACT/EMP), Ms. Miaw Tiang Tang and Senior Specialist in Workers’ Activities, Ms Jotika Gounder from the ILO, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.

Guests and Delegates at the ILO/YEC Networking Event


The main aim of this event is to create and maintain networks and link between the YEC and FTUC Youth Committee for future activities and enhance communication.

Bro. Edward Bernard, Snr Programme Assistant, ILO Office for Pacific Island Countries, Suva facilitated the event and welcomed the invited guests, ILO Delegates, YEC members and the FTUC Youth Committee.

Ms. Jotika spoke on ACTRAV assistance to the Youth Committees in the Pacific while Ms. Tang spoke on the employer’s assistance and contribution.

Sis. Jotika Sharma, Senior Specialist in Workers’ Activities speaking on ACTRAV assistance.


Representatives from the Young Entrepreneurs Council made presentation on its objectives, membership, activities and major achievements.  Bro. Rajnesh Lingam, President of the FTUC Youth Committee also presented on the Committee’s objectives, membership, activities and major achievements.

The event concluded with response from ILO Regional Director, Ms Nishimoto Tomoko thanked the YEC and FTUC Youth Committee for their presentations and expressed her gratification towards their achievements.  Her message to the participants emphasised on the need to enhance communication and network to develop and maintain future social partners.

The FTUC Youth Committee presented parting gifts to the Regional Director, Ms. Nishimoto.

Ms Nishimoto presenting her speech to conclude the ILO/EYC event

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